History of Our Company

Crafty Connoisseurs is a privately - owned and operated company that specializes in boutique wines from top producing AVA's in California and specialty craft beers throughout the Globe.

Our collection of hand-crafted wines and beer are carefully selected for their exceptional winemakers and brew master’s attention to detail at producing the highest quality and complexity  at every price point. 

We store our wine and beer in a state-of-the-art temperature controlled warehouse facility after being carefully transported by temperature controlled trucks. 

Our marketing strategy is focused on specialty markets, wine bars/restaurants and exclusive high end hotels. 

We continue to evolve and expand our portfolio while ensuring that we maintain our high standards with the small boutique producers. 

Our sales associates are experienced connoisseurs, trusted and trained to make the best decisions for their clientele. They are educated in creating and tailoring wine and beer selections to assist you in developing your own unique portfolio.

Please contact us for a copy of our portfolio that features our carefully selected wines and craft beers